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About me

Since 2013 I have been working as a country manager in the prison industry and correction facilities, cooperating with the Italian Ministry of Justice and its related operational bodies in the country. Since 2017 I have been appointed Managing Director of Phonio Italia Srl which is part of the TELIO GmbH Group.
During my working career I have gained experience in identifying customers’ needs and finding solutions to their requirements to automate and optimize existing workflows or define new ones, and in translating requirements into functional specifications to be implemented in new technological solutions. I have an overview in multiple work fields of the “customer service” development chain including telecommunications, IT applied to transport logistics, insurance and banking, security in critical environments, energy production and I can follow and monitor all phases including pre-sales, design, delivery, and final customer training.
I have an engineering degree and have developed in my work an aptitude and ability for negotiation, dialogue, and customer-oriented focus and as part of my character I have an attitude to find the right deal even in complex contexts.
I possess a strong goal orientation and ability to create business opportunities. I can work independently as well as in a team.
I prefer medium-structured working environments in which I can have decision-making scope. I am willing to travel within Europe and beyond.